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Donate through a government-approved project

Taxpayers in the United Kingdom: You can donate to Big Brother Mouse through the organization "Stewardship" of the UK, which has an arrangement with the Global Development Group, our Australia partner. This takes somewhat more time than a direct donation to us, but you may wish to consider it for larger donations so you can get the UK Gift Aid.

To donate through Stewardship, you'll need to create an account with them. Here is what to do:

1. Go to the site Stewardship UK. (Right-click to open in a new tab, or browser, to keep these instructions visible.)
2. Create an account, and log in.
3. Select a method of giving. Typically this will be "Direct from credit/debit card."
4. Your donation is going through Global Development Group (GDG), account number 20139990, so use the name or number to select that as recipient.
5. Enter the amount to contribute.
6. If you are a U.K. taxpayer, donating via the U.K. faith-based charity "Stewardship", who then pass on your donation to us, will also enable them to reclaim tax on your donation via the Gift Aid process (currently meaning a 10 pound donation will be worth about 11.50 to our charity, after processing fees). You will need to specify that you wish this Gift Aid to be passed on to Big Brother Mouse as part of the Stewardship donation process. Please also note that Stewardship may ask about the religious affiliation of donors. We did not request that they ask this; we have no affiliation with Stewardship other than their being able to act as an intermediary for us in the UK, which enables us to receive Gift Aid on your donation.
7. In the detail box, enter the Project Number for Big Brother Mouse. It is: J557N
8. Confirm.
9. Stewardship does not give your name or contact information to Big Brother Mouse. We'll get your donation, and the Gift Aid addition, about 1-2 months later, but we won't know who you are unless you. We would be very happy to get an email from you, simply stating that you made the donation so we can thank you.

Thank you! And please remember: We'd like to credit you, and thank you directly, but we won't know about your donation unless you email us a note about it.