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Every donation helps

In the long run, our vision is that quality education and books will be an important part of Lao culture, and a company like Big Brother Mouse can be self-sustaining. Right now, when the average annual income in Laos is about $2000 U.S. per year, we welcome your support as we work toward that goal.

Children at a rural book party in Laos

In most cases, the simplest and best way to donate is through the Laos Literacy Project, a non-profit, tax-exempt 501-c-3 organization in the United States which sends 100% of your donation directly to Big Brother Mouse. Click this button to donate, using PayPal or a major credit card, through the secure PayPal site. If you would prefer to donate directly, with a bank transfer, please read further.

From Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland: You can contribute through an affiliate with a tax-deductible status in these countries; for details click the country: Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom, Switzerland.

$1800 U.S. provides 9 months of teacher development

At our Big Sister Mouse schools, we're developing education methods of a different sort: Not memorizing facts from a teacher or textbook, but hands-on activities; thinking about ideas through reading, discussion, and writing; and taking on projects, such as devising and testing out ways to build interest in reading. But these are new ideas here. We take young adults who have a teaching certificate, but no experience with these approaches, and give them time to see and acquire skills that will help children develop their full range of abilities. Your donation supports 9 months of such programs, which will often be split between several new teachers. Most of these teachers come from rural villages. We provide room and board, as well as training.

$800-$3,500 U.S. will sponsor a new book.

Each new book costs about $1,500-$6,000 U.S., but we can pay some of that, and other overhead, from sales. A sponsorship of just $800-$3,500 U.S. is all that's needed to bring a new book into Laos. Books that need sponsors.

$6,000 to 12,000 U.S. will build one room in a new school.

We now have seven schools in northern Laos with 2300 students, and we are building more. Please contact us, if you'd like to know current plans.

How to donate

By major credit card or PayPal: You may use the button at the top of the page to donate to the Laos Literacy Project, a non-profit, tax-exempt (501-c-3) organization in the USA. For American taxpayers, these contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The Laos Literacy Project was created to provide support for Big Brother Mouse and our work in Laos. It is volunteer-staffed. The small overhead costs of the organization are paid by the founders; all of your donation, except for the standard fee taken by credit card companies, will go to Big Brother Mouse in Laos.

By check (US dollars): Donations can also be made by check to the Laos Literacy Project. For American taxpayers, they are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

To donate: Checks may be sent to:
        Kathy Kronenberg
        Laos Literacy Project
        2 Madre Mountain
        Santa Fe, NM 87508
        United States
Please enclose your name, address, and email address if available, and make checks payable to Laos Literacy Project. (Note that this is our new address as of early 2023.) Thank you!

By bank transfer: Donations can be made by bank transfer directly to Big Brother Mouse in Laos; details available on request. Because of the bank fees involved (which vary by bank and by country), this is usually best only if you are donating more than $1,200, and you will not benefit from tax deductions in the countries where we have affiliations (above). Please see notes below about "Reporting."


We like to know who's helping us improve education for children kids in Laos! If you use the PayPal DONATE button above, we'll know. PayPal provides your name and email address. We will record your donation, in your name.

If you donate in any other way (a transfer to our bank; a check mailed to Laos Literacy Project; or through the Global Development Fund), and would like us to record the donation in your name, please send us an email after you make the donation, giving the amount, date, your name, and how the donation was made (for example, "by credit card to Global Development Group"). This is particularly necessary if you are sponsoring a classroom or school or book (we want to thank you, unless you prefer to remain anonymous). Thank you!