Why Do My Chickens Die? book cover

Why Do My Chickens Die?

As we began getting books into village reading rooms, as well as schools, we asked people what books they'd like.

"We'd like a book about 'Why do our chickens die?' was the first request we got. So here is a book about how to care for your chickens.

Chickens and their eggs are an important source of protein in Lao villages. This well-illustrated book provides detailed information about feeding chickens, protecting them, and keeping them healthy.

by Santisouk Phimkanya, illustrated by Somboun Keomanyvong
First published in 2012 :: Lao language :: 48 pages :: Paperback :: A5

This book was made possible by a gift from Charles Felsenthal of the USA, in honor of John B. Roach and Roland "Hap" Lutz. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Why Do My Chickens Die?


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