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The Picture Thesaurus

In English you can eat, dine, devour, slurp, or munch. In daily conversation, most people say "eat", but a rich literature keeps the other words alive.

In Laos, too, daily conversation uses a relatively limited vocabulary. But with so few books available, the more expressive words of Lao are in danger of being forgotten. This thesaurus, the first in Laos, is amply illustrated to make it enjoyable for children, but will also be valuable for writers of all ages.

by Siphone Sounnalad, illustrated by Khamla Panyasith
First published in 2009 :: Lao language :: 48 pages :: Paperback :: A4

This book was made possible through the support of Anne-Marie Spagnolo, Don Favareau and Paddy Woodworth.

Samples pages from our book: The Picture Thesaurus


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