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The Countries of ASEAN

The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) formed in 1967 to improve trade and provide a peaceful means for resolving conflicts among its 10 member countries.

This book introduces each country to students and general readers. We've combined photographs, maps, and text, to tell about each member's history, and culture. A traditional folktale from each country adds local color, and will attract more readers.

Although it's for older readers, this book is a key part of our primary school reading program. It's a book for teachers to read, during the daily "Sustained Silent Reading" period. In doing so, the teachers set an example of reading. Teachers also discover that reading can be both enjoyable and educational. That's something westerners take for granted, but which they never experienced while growing up in Laos.

This has all the content of the 96-page hardcover edition, but the traditional story from each country is told with smaller pictures and text, bringing the page count down to 80.

by Uncle Sasha, illustrated by Kongsoua Sengli and Sengsay Khousong
First published in 2014 :: Lao language :: 80 pages :: Paperback :: 19 x 26 cm

This book was made possible with support from Planet Wheeler (Australia), the Bengier Foundation (USA) and Allen & Overy (Hong Kong). Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: The Countries of ASEAN


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