Animal Homes book cover

Animal Homes

Baby woodpeckers poke their heads from a hole in a tree. A colorful snail climbs up a twig with its home on its back.

Like its predecessors "Fly, Fly, Fly" and "Let's Eat," this book combines eye-catching photographs, a single-word caption, and a short sentence. Older sisters and brothers who are learning English can read this with younger children, and both will expand their word skills.

by Bounyang Wuttisakdy
First published in 2013 :: Lao language :: 16 pages :: Paperback :: A5 horizontal

This book was made possible with support from Deborah Deitsch-Perez, Steven Goldfine, Shayna Goldfine and Jacob Goldfine of the USA. Thank you!

Samples pages from our book: Animal Homes


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