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6 November, 2017, Big Sister Mouse, Laos

Big Sister Mouse school: First months of a new school

Our new Big Sister Mouse primary school opened in September, on the hillside above our original learning center.

We have a daily reading period, of course -- twice a day, in fact. Some children learn to read quickly, but many have no books at home, and no experience with books, and we look for ways to get them interested. An outdoor game with oversize letters makes it exciting to learn spelling. And an indoor game, with small cards, also teaches spelling skills.

In the same way, "Number bingo" makes it fun to practice math skills. Draw 3 cards, and combine the numbers using standard math operators to make a new number, which you cover on the board, using your marker. The first to get 4 in a row wins.

And of course our new playground equipment was a big hit.

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