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Thinking globally

Book sponsorships pay most, but not all, of the cost of creating and printing a book. That helps us keep prices low, for schools, for visitors, and the growing number of Lao people who have enough income to consider buying a low-priced book. We asked sponsors to tell us why they decided to do so.

As Pascale observed, we're not only creating good books and getting them to children, we're also creating a generation of young people with the skills to help Laos continue to develop.

Photo of sponsor I discovered Big Brother Mouse by chance as I was on vacation in Luang Prabang in 2008. We were looking for interesting projects to sponsor. As the young people who had been working in the small shop explained us what Big Brother Mouse is, I was really enthusiastic.

The project is in my eyes a very good example of meaningful developmental cooperation. By designing and editing books for children Big Brother Mouse is supporting their long time development. But it is doing it in a very respectful way of the people and their culture. Moreover it is thinking globally: New books would not be very helpful if they don't reach the children who could benefit from them. The team of Big Brother Mouse is constantly thinking about these aspects as well, generating new concepts and ideas, testing them and analyzing what has been working and what not.

Finally Big Brother Mouse is giving young people the chance to learn a profession generating this way new perspective for them and the country. Over the years I have experienced the trustworthiness with which they keep sponsors updated on their activities.

For all these reasons as I turned forty a couple of years ago I decided to ask my relatives, friends and colleagues to help me sponsor one book. It was a great moment as I realized that their generosity would allow us to sponsor two books and two book parties! It was a very nice present for me as well!

I wish Big Brother Mouse a long time success for the sake of the Lao people.

Pascale Pouzet, Germany

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