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Villages are changing

Book sponsorships pay most, but not all, of the cost of creating and printing a book. That helps us keep prices low, for schools, for visitors, and the growing number of Lao people who have enough income to consider buying a low-priced book. We asked sponsors to tell us why they decided to do so.

A visitor recently remarked to us, "In the west, we just can't imagine, even in the most remote part of our country, a place where children don't have books." But in Laos, that is still the situation in most villages. We feel we're making a difference, and it is encouraging to see that people like Daniel agree:

Photo of sponsor We already sponsored Big Brother Mouse book parties as well as the A6 booklet edition of the famous 'No Bananas' book. As a frequent traveler to Laos, Big Brother Mouse came to my attention already several years ago.

It's just amazing to see what they achieved during the last years: They really changed the situation of illiteracy and education in Laos and are now not only a role model to many others but also one of the most well-known non-profit-organizations in Laos and Southeast Asia: Now you can visit a remote village in Laos and you'll see small children studying the Big Brother Mouse books.

For us, it makes quite a difference from just donating to a large help organization where you don't know exactly what happens with your money or whether you get a very direct feedback of what has been achieved precisely with your money. Many thanks to Big Brother Mouse for their continuous outstanding enthusiasm in improving education in remote villages!

Daniel Gerster and friends, Germany

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