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Practice Lao, or English, with these free books.

These free books can help you practice Lao or English, allow Lao children abroad to read in their family language, and make information more widely available in Laos.

The following Big Brother Mouse books are available in PDF format, free of charge, for personal use, or educational use within one school. These are standard PDF formats, and may not be compatible with some mobile devices, especially with smaller screens.

At the end, we've listed books that are also available for other literacy projects to reprint.

The Story of Big Brother Mouse book cover The Story of Big Brother Mouse

Big Brother Mouse was born in 2006. Book publishing at that time was a rare event in Laos. We worked with young Lao people to improve writing skills, created new ways to make fun books for young readers, and then developed ways to get those books to children in rural villages.
Who is it for? We invite you to download this and share with anyone who's interested in books, literacy, education, or Laos. It's in English, German and Japanese; we expect to publish it in other languages, too.
More about this book | Lao edition | English edition | German edition| Japanese edition | French edition

The Countries of ASEAN book cover The Countries of ASEAN

Laos is one of ten members of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The Countries of ASEAN combines photographs, maps, and text, to tell about each member's history, and culture. A traditional folktale from each country adds local color, and will attract more readers. The full book is 96 pages with many illustrations. Here, we offer a chance to download the non-fiction text and pictures for several countries: Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore.
Who is this for? These are written entirely in Lao. High school and college students are very eager to learn about ASEAN countries; they'll also provide good practice for anyone learning Lao.
More about the book from which these are taken | To download, click a country above

Growing Up on the Mountain book cover A Hmong Boyhood

If you visited Big Brother Mouse around 2008-2011, you might have met James, who learned English at our free morning practice, and worked here part-time, all while attending high school. James was born in a Hmong village high on a mountain. We asked him to tell write about his life, first in that village, then living on his own so he could attend middle school and then high school in the town below. His story is in English, with many photos.
Who is it for? We've published this only in English (so far); anyone who wants to know about life in rural Laos will enjoy it. Here in Laos, it's a book that young people can read to improve their English skills.
More about this book | Free download

Yuli and his friends, play in Laos Yuli's Story

Would you like to know more about life in Laos? Barbara Meili and Gikong asked a boy in Laos to tell about his life. Here is his story, with many photographs. The text is in English, French, and German.
Who is it for? This is different from other books listed here. We have not published it in Laos; it's for teachers, parents, and young people in other countries who would like to know more about life in another country.
Free download

The Red-Headed Club, and other stories

Three popular Sherlock Holmes stories, with simplified English. Lao and English side by side. Illustrated.
Who is it for? Anyone studying Lao or English, particularly if they know one of these languages and are learning the other.
More about this book | Free download

The cover of Phiiyamoi, a traditional Lao story Phiiyamoi

A traditional Lao folktale about the witch, Phiiyamoi, and the poor fisherman she forces to marry her. Lao language.
Who is it for? Primarily of interest to Lao families, in Laos and abroad.
More about this book | Free download

No Chickens, No Eggs

Thongkham searched thousands of pictures to create this entertaining alphabet book. Each letter is illustrated with 6-12 words, and pictures, that start with that letter.. Lao and English, illustrated.
Who is it for? This was originally intended for Lao children, learning the Lao alphabet. It has also proven highly popular with older students learning either Lao, or English.
More about this book | Free download

The cover of Women's Health HandbookWomen's Health

This long-needed book, which will benefit women and their medical caregivers, is adapted from "Where Women Have No Doctor," published by the Hesperian Foundation. It covers women's reproductive systems; pregnancy; childbirth; and breastfeeding; and the special concerns of girls and young women. Lao. Illustrated.
Who is it for? This book is posted online primarily to make it more available to hospitals, health centers, and health workers in Laos who have internet access. We hope, of course, that others will also benefit.
More about this book | Free download

The Little Elephant That Could

What happens when Big Brother Mouse goes to a rural school for a book party? Although a bit fictionalized (Boom-Boom, our book elephant, can't actually talk) this shows the Mouse team in action, along with an inspiring message. Lao and English. Illustrated.
Who is it for? Any family visiting Laos should enjoy this book. It is particularly suited for school classes that are raising money to sponsor a book party in Laos.
More about this book | Free download

The cover of One Mouse and Seven Cats One Mouse and Seven Cats

This book was originally intended to introduce Lao children to simple arithmetic concepts. The pictures depict many scenes that reflect everyday life for Lao children, but are quite out-of-the-ordinary for western readers. For this PDF, we've added background information at the end, in English, explaining each picture. Lao and English. Illustrated.
Who is it for? School classes that would like to learn about another culture. Families planning a visit to Laos.
More about this book | Free download

The Tale of Peter Rabbit book cover The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Will Peter learn to obey his mother, before he becomes tomorrow's larp? Here's our Lao version of a long-time favorite. Lao and English. illustrated.
Who is it for? Children who speak Lao, but do not have many opportunities to read it. Anyone learning English or Lao, particularly at a beginner or intermediate level.
More about this book | Free download

The Grasshopper War, and other stories

Five traditional Lao stories. Lao language, illustrated.
Who is it for? Children who speak Lao, but do not have many opportunities to read it.
More about this book | Free download

Lao Proverbs Coloring Book book cover Lao Proverbs Coloring Book

Children can learn our culture's proverbs as they color Ounla's entertaining cartoons. Lao language. Illustrated.
Who is it for? Lao people, particularly children. Anyone studying Lao language at an intermediate level.
More about this book | Free download

You may use these books to:

* Practice Lao
* Help your children learn Lao
* Teach Lao to children, in Laos or elsewhere
* Use bilingual titles to practice English.

These may be read on a computer, or printed. The titles listed may occasionally change. If you see a particular book that interests you, please download it promptly.

Please note: We apologize if artwork in some books is not always sharp. We do not have high-speed internet connections, so we cannot upload large files, and others in Laos cannot download them. As a result, graphic quality in some books has been reduced to keep files smaller.

If you enjoy the chance to read books like these, please remember that many people in Laos have no access to books at all. We hope you'll consider sponsoring a book with us.

Books that you can publish, too:

The following books can be used for all the purposes above, and one more: We give permission to anyone in other countries, including publishers and reading projects, to adapt, translate, and print these books.

Fly, Fly, Fly book cover Fly, Fly, Fly

Eye-catching photos of animals flying, crawling, climbing, and more, with short captions in both Lao and English.
Who is it for? Everyone enjoys this book. It's particularly aimed at children learning to read, so they can take pride in reading a book "all by myself." And it's a book they'll enjoy reading again and again.
More about this book | Free download

Let's Eat, book cover Let's Eat

Eye-catching photos of animals eating, gnawing, pecking, and more, with short captions in both Lao and English.
Who is it for? Like it's companion Fly, Fly, Fly, this is a book that everyone enjoys, and it's particularly appealing to children learning to read.
More about this book | Free download