Prehistoric Life Coloring Book book cover

Prehistoric Life Coloring Book

Anyone with children knows the wide appeal of dinosaurs. They also know that kids like to sink their teeth into one subject, and learn as much about it as they can.

We plan to publish several dinosaur books. Children who become fascinated by them – and we already know kids who were hooked by our first book on the subject – will get their first opportunity to learn in depth about a subject that's not a part of their daily lives.

Most of the animals in this book are dinosaurs, but it has a broader scope. Drawings and short captions show the early life forms that evolved into dinosaurs, mammals, and the first humans.

by Uncle Sasha, illustrated by Gikong
First published in 2008 :: Lao and English :: 32 pages :: Paperback :: 19 x 26 cm

This book was made possible by a gift from Rotary 6270 of Slinger, Wisconsin, in the United States.

Samples pages from our book: Prehistoric Life Coloring Book


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